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KIS has a great lineup of services including DMV Auto & Truck Renewals, Transfers, Plate & Title Replacements, as well as out of state Legalizations and many more.
Skip the DMV and renew you vehicle registration online here. KIS can process your vehicle registration instantly. Pay DMV registration fees today and avoid going to the local DMV office. KIS, DMV/AVRS registration issued instantly official DMV registration card and tags ship same business day by 4pm.
Supported Vehicle Types: Renewals
1. – Passenger Vehicles
2. – Commercial Vehicles
3. – Trailers (fleet & bulk orders only)
4. – Street Legal Motorcycles
5. – Marine Vessels

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1. Order Replacements: License plate, Registration, Titles and Stickers
2. Use the Contact Form if you would like to purchase a replacement sticker and registration card or Duplicate title,
3. KIS Insurance & registration accepts all major credit cards.
4. If you order by 4pm ships same business day. Order optional express overnight shipping and E-copy.
5. Must be the registered owner to apply, doesn’t requires driver’s license.
6. To contact KIS customer service use the contact form and we will respond shortly.
7. This copy may be useful if you are in a hurry and need to obtain:
8. Proof of DMV Payment
9. Proof of Current Registration
10. Proof of Parking/Toll Violations Being Satisfied.

Please note: If the DMV requires additional items, such as a smog test or proof of insurance, KIS will first send you an e-copy of your official DMV payment receipt. Then, upon receipt of the required items, you will receive an e-copy of your validated registration card. The required items must be sent to KIS office in order to generate the final e-copy of your validated registration card, official DMV registration card and tags will be ship the same business day.

Pay your California Parking and Toll Tickets Online
KIS, DMV/AVRS, provides the service of clearing parking and toll violations on California registered vehicles with same day posting to the DMV. Upon the payment of your vehicle registration fees.
If you have outstanding parking or toll violations, don’t wait until your vehicle gets towed and impounded. Even if your annual registration is not yet due, you can still clear your outstanding parking or toll violation tickets today.